Now is the Time to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Getting involved is easy ...

Whether you want to live on land trust land, become a VCLT member or are just a friend of VCLT who wants to keep in touch - we are glad that you care about ecological and affordable community-based housing.  Some things to consider:

Friends, Members & Lessees

1. Friends of the land trust are people who support the ideas of the trust, but don't want to be a voting member with the obligation of participation.   People who are supportive of community land trusts, but don't have time to become active members, should consider becoming friends of the trust.  VCLT friends are integral to the growth of the land trust. Often friends give monetary, in-kind or land donations to the land trust - but that is not required.  If you would like to discuss a donation of land or services please contact us.

2. VCLT Membership is open to all. Members are active on a variety of standing and ad hoc committees. Consensus is sought in all our interactions. Members pay an annual membership fee on a sliding scale from $24 - $108 per year and are expected to be active in the trust. Voting rights begin after you have been a member for sixty days. If you feel that you can commit to coming to at least one meeting a year please become a member!

3. Leaseholders/Lessees are people who live on land trust land. Lessees are automatically members of the land trust and are eligible to serve on the board. If you are interested in becoming a lessee please fill out a potential lessee application and submit it to the membership committee. You can read more about some common questions from lessees on our FAQ page.

VCLT members: Please join a committee!

Member volunteers are the life blood of the organization.  We need YOUR help.  The Land Use Committee and the Membership Committee are both looking for more members.  These committees play a vital role for the organization.  Meetings average once per month, with several months of quiet followed by quick flurries of activity. Please contact us.

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