Winter Workshop 1: Homesteading, Inch by Inch

  • Saturday, January 21, 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Green Field's Market upstairs meeting room 144 Main Street, Greenfield, MA

Sponsored by the Valley Community Land Trust 

Together with Franklin Community Coop

Discussing self-reliance, building quality of life, and land trusts

                        Saturday January 21st 10-12

Speakers: Scott Nielsen, Nelia Sargent, Stan Macomber, Jenny Wright, and Vanessa Keith of Quaker City Land Trust in NH and Meb Boden and Tom Vaiciulis of Meb's Kitchenwares in Woodstock, CT.

This workshop will cover the importance of part time and flexible work so that ample time can be devoted to homesteading as well as the importance of building quality of life rather than wealth. Homesteading tasks can often fill entire days and involve a wide variety of duties. The benefits of a land trust owning the land and the houses and the benefits of low cost housing that go along with community land trusts will also be discussed.

Stan, Jenny, and Vanessa have over 130 years combined experience in organizing crews of apple pickers and apple tree pruners. Founders of QCLT, Stan, Jenny, and family have lived in Quaker City since 1970. Scott is also a founder of QCLT and has been the treasurer from the start. Nelia is a long time peace activist.
In 1992, the residents of Quaker City swapped their homesteads for stock in Quaker City Land Trust. Already a community of self-reliant people, the Trust has been able to provide affordable housing in a beautiful setting while maintaining stable finances.

Meb and Tom have lived off the grid for 20 years, first on a sailboat in the Caribbean, and since 2000 in a 156 sq.ft. cabin on 21 acres of forest in northeastern CT. They have cleared roads, planted gardens, built 3 outbuildings, and are currently building a much larger house from their own trees.

They began a woodworking business in 2003 that has supported the building of a homestead—mostly affording them the time, tools and rough materials to follow their dreams. They sell their work at 15 – 20 juried craft shows a year, as well as venues such as Orvis Catalogue and The Metropolitan Opera gift shop. 

*Requested donation of $10, but no one will be turned away*

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