Land Use Committee

  • Thursday, July 24, 2014
  • 6:00 PM
  • Betsy's House Colrain, MA
Please contact Megan McDonough or Betsy Corner if you are interested in joining the land use committee.  The committee usually meets the last Thursday of the month.

From the VCLT Bylaws

Land Use Committee purposes and functions shall include:

1. Advising. To serve in an advisory role to the VCLT and its lessees regarding land use issues.
2. Land Acquisition. To make recommendations on desirability and appropriate use of potential land
3. Land Use Plans. To work with potential lessees on land use plans for potential and newly acquired
4. Lease Language. To work in consultation with the Lease Committee on land use sections of lease
5. House Siting. To consult with the Housing Committee on land use plans as pertains to siting of houses
and associated improvements.
6. Lessee Compliance. To monitor whether lessees’ use of the land is in compliance with the lease
7. Property Boundaries. To maintain knowledge of leasehold and VCLT property boundaries.
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