Two Van Nuys Rd Leaseholds Available

Valley Community Land Trust purchased a white farmhouse on 32 acres of land at 85 Van Nuys Rd in Colrain, MA in January 2013.  This land is in a rural location, but is under 15 minutes driving time to I-91 and Greenfield.  VCLT has sold the farmhouse and retains ownership of the land underneath and around the house.  We are now accepting applications for 2 additional leaseholds on the property.  Come build your home!

There has been an ongoing process of research, design and local approval to finalize the exact size and location of leaseholds that is nearing completion.  We are asking that individuals interested in an opportunity to live on this land fill out an application and join us in the design process.  A development committee of VCLT members has been meeting and discussing next steps.


  • Leasehold area:  approximately 1.5 to 2 acres per leasehold + shared use of 20+ acres
  • Monthly lease fee: $75 - $100 / month
  • Property taxes: will be the responsibility of the leaseholder
  • Lease term: 99 years and inheritable by your children

Interested?  Next Steps

  1. Visit the land, learn about VCLT and ask questions
  2. Become a VCLT member
  3. Fill out a general potential lessee application
  4. Fill out an application for this specific leasehold

The lessee selection committee will review applications on a rolling basis. We will continue to accept applications until both leaseholds are settled. 

Potential Lessee Evaluation Criteria for Van Nuys Rd

Your application will be reviewed by the lessee selection committee and ranked according to the following criteria. The committee will then make recommendations to the board. VCLT members can view the entire lessee selection policy in VCLT's Policies & Procedures Manual. Login to the members only area at vclt.org or contact us for a copy.

**Highly Desirable Criterion – The following criterion established by the board as highly desirable has a fixed maximum point value for any and all offered leaseholds:

VCLT involvement – up to 30 points
- Recent, constructive, consistent participation on a committee, the board, or as a dedicated volunteer – preferably for at least a year.

**Prioritized Criteria
– The following lessee criteria have been prioritized by the selection committee for the new leaseholds in Colrain by distributing 70 points among them (not counting the leasehold residency bonus).

How long they have been on the potential lessee list - up to 25 points

- Since this is a new acquisition and there are no major land use factors or house-related factors, tenure as an active potential lessee is a good neutral criterion.
- The most points will be awarded for the oldest application with continuous active membership.

How well they fit with leasehold (land use plans, household size, special needs, compatibility with neighboring lessees) up to 20 points overall
The most significant leasehold features are the three bedroom house (which needs some work), the common forest land, the sugar bush, our hope to have 3 leaseholds on this land, the proximity to Colrain II and the proximity to Greenfield. So we will be looking for:
- Household size:
- 4+ or 3 with plans for home business if they want to live in the existing farmhouse
- No priority for household size for the open land leaseholds
- Plans for managing the woods
- Plans for managing the sugar bush
- Interest in neighborhood building and/or community living
- Construction skills or other ability to provide sweat equity in the creation of affordable housing

Level of financial and/or housing need up to 10 points
- The house is moderately affordable

History of local residency, local community involvement and/or community involvement in other communities up to 10 points

Attendance at a home ownership class within the last five years up to 5 points
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