Living on Valley Community Land Trust Land

Apply to Live on VCLT Land
All members will be notified of potential leasehold opportunities.  When you become a member please indicate your interest in being a lessee on your application.  Or if you are already a member update your member profile on this website.

Potential lessees are strongly encouraged to look for suitable parcels of land and to bring them to the attention of the VCLT board of directors.  Anyone who finds a parcel of land that becomes part of VCLT has the first option for a leasehold on it.

Current Opportunities

Colrain Homestead Sites

VCLT purchased land in January 2013 on Van Nuys Rd in Colrain.  A lessee has been selected for the farmhouse and VCLT has two additional homestead sites on this land.

You can apply today to be in the first round of considerations for these sites.  If you are a member, you can also join the committee working on the development process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Lease holders

Q. Who owns the land? How does VCLT acquire land? A. The Land Trust is sole owner of land acquired by donation or purchase

Q. How do people gain access to the land?
A. By becoming "lessees." The trust is for all who wish to take land off the market. Those with land can gain benefits while helping those without gain access.

Q. As a lessee can we own our own home or buildings?
A. Yes, VCLT only owns the land, not buildings on it.

Q. What happens if we decide to move?
A. A lessee can sell his/her house (not the land) to someone who wants to live on trust land. Equity in the house is yours.

Q. Can I leave the leasehold to my children?
A. Yes, your lease is inheritable, as long as the inheritors sign their own lease and live on the land.

Q. Will the trust dictate how I use my leasehold?
A. Basically, no. Part of the lease, however, is to steward the land and use it productively. The land trust and the lessees must come up with a land management plan together.

Q. Must I live communally on the land?
A. No, the trust does not dictate lifestyles to lessees.

Q. Who makes decisions for the trust?
A. Various types of decisions are made by the Board, the committees, and the membership, which has the final power when there is a disagreement.

Q. Where is the land VCLT presently holds in trust?
A. VCLT owns land in Colrain, Ashfield, Greenfield and Wendell.

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